• Helps in Decision-making

    We all know that permanent tattoos do not come off. Therefore, if you make a mistake of having a certain design, you will never have the opportunity to correct it.

    However, the temporary tattoos come in a variety and will help you have a taste of how it feels to have an engraving on your skin. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to try many and finally settle for a certain category as your permanent tattoo.

    Sullyvan Swanson
  • Temporary but amazingly beautiful and convenient

    Temporary but amazingly beautiful and convenient

    At first you won’t differentiate them from the permanent ones.

    However, do not be wary about people knowing that they are temporary because they won’t make fun of you. As a matter of fact, my friends used to admire the designs of the tattoos on me even after learning that they are temporary.

    In the recent past, I have been getting more afraid to put on permanent tattoos as they have been associated to spread ink to certain parts in the skin. Luckily, the temporary tattoos just work fine and they are external hence are safe for use at any part.

    Giuseppe Montalbano
  • One for every event

    The creators of the temporary tattoos knew that the human life is filled with different activities-some official others unofficial. For instance, I find myself unwinding during the weekends or when am on leave. It is during these periods that I need wild tattoo pieces to unleash my wild side. However, when I am not in a party-mode e.g. in the office, I will require a more discreet and simple piece.

    Hence, my needs for every event are catered for.

    Samuel Brien
  • Make up complement

    Every time I am doing my make up at any day of the week, I must accompany it with a tattoo. The tattoos come in many different tastes and hence I am able to select the perfect set for any particular week.

    For instance, when I am going out on weekends I always put on one of the dark inked sets. It always leaves everyone’s eyes on me. I love attention. During weekdays, I will go with the mandala. It will give me a simple yet elegant style and confidence in my duties.

    Mathild Kael
  • Jewelry

    The temporary tattoos are like jewelry in the sense that you can have as many pretty designs as you wish. This will give you confidence and make you the envy of your pals. Week in week out, I am able to choose from a wide variety of tattoos making me always look cool.

    Betsy Servetci

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